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I'm in my twenties thinking "Um, now what?", which isn't as bad as it seems. Some days i'm the funniest person there is, the next i'll be the best listener, and then the next, the sleepiest person i know. One day, i'll have it figured out. For now, i am just making sure i pay my bills on time, and enjoy it for what its worth. (according to amex, $3000 bucks!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

delayed likes/dislikes

didn't happen on monday, so here is it

Feeling happy for friends who have major events in their life
a clean kitchen
full rainy weather in the spring
not having to water my plants becuase of the rain
pretty flowers
Sunday Afternoons at home
Stealing all the blankets and rolling up in a burrito

Feeling happy for friends, but sad at the same time
Being told i am too old and need to start having kids
getting on the scale 4 days later, weighing 4 pounds more
stepping in puddles with socks on
getting up before the sun rises
seeing someone leave an office


I cleaned the kitchen last night, which i hate doing. but today i will clean of the worst offender... the dinning room table, or otherwards known as computer desk/catch-all/junk drawer. Here is the near 6 foot table, and i cannot find one empty space on it :(
I trying to kick eric out this weekend (guys camping trip) so i can overhaul the bedroom. Flip it around, install lamps, etc. Oh, and throw away... EVERTHING.

i might get in trouble, but then again, we're still living out of boxes...from 8 months ago.

Monday, May 19, 2008

weekend on sunshine!!

Thank goodness this weekend was so freaking beautiful, since my Friday was terrible! I started off okay, but when i got to work, i swear i warped into crazy town. Not to mention i read an email from my mom completely wrong and was quite nasty - good thing i caught it quick and made amends (i hope).

Friday evening i went to a BBQ at my friends house in Kent, and boy oh boy did i have fun. So much, that i didn't leave till 230 am (thinking i would leave by 12). I stopped drinking pretty early and ate quite a bit, but i hate driving home that late. You never know what can happen!

Saturday (after sleeping off the night!) we went to the dog park, and bowser had such a great time! With his hair finally shaved down, he was able to swim a lot better. Although the time we got to the dog park it was near 90 degrees, so all the dogs were in the water instead of the 20 some acres of grass, sand and fun. I bought one of those "Chuckit" toys for bowser (because i am quite lazy to pick up a ball) and he loved it. Its so funny to see him "run" through tall grass. It's kind of like the movie tremors - all you see is the grass moving as if there was a weird breeze and then BLAM! a dog pops up out of nowhere. Then he does a couple bunny/jackalop hops through and goes back into hiding. I love my dog. After the dog park, and successfully getting a sun burn, we headed back home, started up the barbi (BBQ) and had a VERY yummy steak. which.... ERIC MADE. i repeat. ERIC made dinner. I was so happy and he did such a great job. I totally picked a winner!

Sunday, after not going to bed until 230 (again!) i woke up early to go with my parents to the gardending mecca that is Molbacks. There i bought a beautiful hanging plant and the best smelling candle in the world - Lemon Verbena. mmMM.. After that, made my way to Freddie's to buy some summer clothes, buy shoes (kids, size 4), and go home. I convinced Eric to go to Home Depot with me, of which i bought another planter box and flowers. I am officially woman now.

Oh, forgot to mention two great things! I made some jerkoff who cut me off (nxtisy - dumb license plate) even more of an ass because he fully stopped traffic on an off ramp to yell at me for flipping him off and tailgating him - sorry dude, when you cut someone off on an on ramp (past the solid line) they're bound to tailgate! Also, Our neighbor let out this blood curdling, raging scream for about a minute. Then stopped. So I'm thinking if it happens again, I'm calling the cops. I really don't want to smell a body decomposing.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


best thing ever - "lite mint mocha frappachino".

Eric gave bowser a "shave" the other day, but only around his face - which isnt bad, becuase trying to get bowser calm enough to cut around his mouth and eyes is pretty impossible, but i digress - So now my dog looks like a fat Chihuahua with a tiny head. its pretty darn funny, but i feel bad for laughing at my dog everytime i see him, and he's not doing anything funny.

This morning i tried to cut around his neck to at least, well, give him a neck. He looks a tiny bit better, but since the rest of his body is more like a poodle (barrel legs and body), i am going to have to shave him down completely. Its not that its hard, but bowser is a bit wiley, so keeping him calm for more than 10 minutes is pretty hard, especially when he sees the scissors come out.

So i am hoping to finish the job tonight. we'll see how well that goes.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

monday's list

  • New manicures
  • Steak
  • New shoes
  • decent parking spot
  • coffee
  • sisters who shut their family out, but expect to be tend to for their every need*
  • stuffy noses
  • nail technicians who complain the whole time
  • not taking bowser to the dog park

*just to make clear, not my sister. Different family all together

me in the BVI